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The world is heading towards a complete digital transformation, accept the challenge and eliminate traditional food menus that may contribute to harm your customers' health, as well as the reputation of your business.

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About TheMenu.ae

We do both..

TheMenu.ae An electronic platform that works to provide the best technical solutions for owners of restaurants and cafes with regard to electronic food menus, we work to provide distinct and easy-to-use electronic menus for both the restaurant owner and the customer

There are platforms where you can make QR code, but no menu. There are platforms where you can create a menu but not design your QR..We do both..

We will plan the best way to display your menu according to your business nature, We’ll teach you how to use and adjust your restaurant menus easily through detailed tutorials, We will be at your side, we will consider your business as ours.

+971 55 470 1652

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Accept local orders

Your customers can order direclty from their phone.

  • Real-time sound notifications
  • Continues orders
  • Unlimmited options, variants, and extras

Accept payments

Your customers can pay order directly via card.

  • Accept any Credit and Debit card
  • Get paid immidiatly via Stripe Connect
  • Secure online payments

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