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Light platform that facilitates browsing the menu from any device in just 1 second

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There is no limit to the menu and the number of items

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The world is heading towards a complete digital transformation, Accept the challenge and get rid of traditional menus that may contribute to harming the health of your customers, As well as your business reputation and get a barcode menu

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Designing a ready-made electronic menu is no longer difficult with The Menu, Where we can easily create a digital menu through a platform equipped with all the features. 

We are TheMenu.ae An electronic platform licensed by Dubai Economy. We are working to present The best technical solutions For owners of restaurants and cafes. We provide the best services regarding electronic food menus, We are working to provide distinct and easy-to-use electronic menus for both the restaurant owner and the customer.

The interactive electronic menu system is easy and simple, It is the same electronic contactless menu system. These are the steps of the interactive electronic menu system :

  • The customer scans the QR code assigned to each listing using the mobile phone’s camera.
  • Scan this code with your camera using the mobile scanner app, It is transferred to the web page on which there is an interactive electronic menu.
  • After browsing the interactive electronic menu, The customer chooses what he wants from the foods on the electronic menu.
  • Then the system sends an order or order to the application of the restaurant and kitchen manager.
  • After completing the previous steps, The customer can complete the contactless payment using the payment method of their choice such as PayPal, and Stripe, and so on

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Conditions for the work of an electronic menu on the Menu platform

There are no complicated terms, Simple steps to make your restaurant on your customers’ devices with elegance and lightness.

As mentioned earlier, dear reader, over there Many benefits That you will earn as a restaurant owner from the application of the idea of an electronic restaurant menu. We will now mention some of the benefits that your restaurant or cafe will get from creating an electronic menu. I am sure you will change your mind after reading this article. And you will realize the importance of electronic menu design.

Here a question comes to mind: How do restaurants, cafes and companies make their profits? Certainly when you make sales and profits and spending is less than sales. In this case, Your expenses will be significantly reduced as long as you rely on the Internet to market and display your products. As mentioned in the second point above, Keeping your site up and running won’t cost you much per month. At the same time, you can receive purchase orders at any time, whether in the morning or evening.

  1. Increasing requests by adding suggestions to the electronic menu

    This method is very effective on popular e-commerce websites and stores around the world. The idea is to provide suggestions to the customer that are related to the requests he has already chosen. These suggestions are based on artificial intelligence in providing other products related to the desired product.

    For example, on a site like Amazon or on Express, When you think about buying a mobile phone, You will find some suggestions related to it, such as a protective cover, power bank, memory cards, and others.

    In the same way, you can increase your sales on your website through electronic menus equipped with smart suggestion technology to remind the customer of other foods or drinks related to an order. Thus, it is easier for the customer to purchase and increase your sales at the same time.

  2. Provide self-service options to customers

    In fact, Customers generally spend more when ordering food on digital platforms than they do in person. A good example is Taco Bell, They found that digital requests are typically 30% larger than face-to-face requests.

    Many customers do not like the element of personal communication and feel comfortable adding more items when they place an order themselves. They will have plenty of time to browse a smooth and simple online menu through their smartphone, And make their choices with ease.

    It is therefore very good if you give them the option of using self-service or enable them to arrange and edit the emenu themselves. And you would like to add these lists along with the online ordering service and the provision of home delivery.

  3. Offer offers on meals when they use electronic menus

    This method is very effective to increase the order rate of your restaurant tremendously. People love the idea of special offers as it encourages them to grab the offer and save at the same time. Which means more sales.

    After providing electronic menus in your restaurant system, you can encourage customers to use them by offering offers such as a gift meal when ordering two meals and so on. You can offer this option in your restaurant on your website as well, which means more sales and more profit, for example McDonald’s restaurants .

  4. Intelligently design electronic menus

    This is our role in TheMenu.ae platform, Where we will create an electronic menu with innovative, attractive, interactive designs, easy to customize and modify for free. We will focus heavily on displaying the best offers and meals that are very popular with customers and put them at the top of the list. This will reflect on and increase sales like crazy through the electronic menus of your restaurant and your website as well.

  5. Providing discounts and rewards programs

    Discounts and loyal customer programs is the basis of reward systems that ensure customer loyalty to your brand. When you provide these offers and rewards, you encourage your customers to order more products. As mentioned earlier, the use of digital methods such as electronic menus for restaurants encourage consumers to order more products.